The Pursuit of Perfectness
The Pursuit of Perfectness

Do you struggle to keep your living space neat and clean? Welcome to the human race, bud!

This week, the Perfectionists (Ellen and Dennis) share their thoughts on tidying and reveal some hidden, dark truths about their own struggles with tidiness.

Also, PoP listeners share their own tips on how to keep your living space… kempt * (and how to deal when it’s not).

It’s the episode where we talk about tidying!

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* Look, there aren’t a lot of great synonyms for “tidy.”

Episode Guests

Dennis Pacheco

Dennis Pacheco is an improviser, actor, teacher, writer, director, and podcaster.

Ellen Matthews

Ellen is a performer and teacher of improv at Magnet Theater in NYC, and co-host of the Let's Hear It Network Podcast, "The Pursuit of Perfectness".