About Us


Support joyful, innovative audio comedy from artists with broad ranging backgrounds, while practicing thoughtful operational transparency.

In a broader sense, the fun in our motto, Make More Fun, represents: joyful, expressive, empathetic, independent productions.

Current situation

As of October 18, 2020 LHI has three podcasts and five artists as part of the network. All podcasts are in the production phase, with plans to roll out all four by 2nd quarter 2021. We are currently accepting pitches for new podcasts.

The website is operational, with iterative and incremental development taking place regularly.


Transparent finance information is available to everyone.


  • Launch all current podcasts and develop new podcasts.
  • Diversify LHI side of pitch meetings so it isn’t just two cisgender white guys making decisions about what podcasts are on the network
  • Establish an additional in-network point of contact, other than Richard and Chris (the LHI network admins,) to receive complaints, issues of harassment, etc.
  • Establish an outside of the network point of contact to receive complaints, issues of harassment, etc.

Interested in joining? Contact us at @letshearitpod on Twitter.