Let’s Talk About Wordle! With Rob Penty

The Pursuit of Perfectness
The Pursuit of Perfectness
Let's Talk About Wordle! With Rob Penty

It’s the episode YOU demanded! Strap in folks, ’cause we’re talking about Wordle, the digital word game that’s taking America by storm! Fan favorite guest Rob Penty returns to gab about his essay on his complicated and sometimes heated relationship with our favorite daily word puzzle. The Perfectionists (Ellen and Dennis) commiserate… and maybe do a little bragging, too.

Tell your friends! It’s the WORDLE episode, baby! If this one don’t have it, you don’t want it! You paid for the whole seat, but you’ll only use… THE EDGE!!!



Episode Guests

Dennis Pacheco

Dennis Pacheco is an improviser, actor, teacher, writer, director, and podcaster.

Ellen Matthews

Ellen is a performer and teacher of improv at Magnet Theater in NYC, and co-host of the Let's Hear It Network Podcast, "The Pursuit of Perfectness".

Rob Penty

Rob Penty
Rob Penty is an improviser, storyteller and writer from Brooklyn.

Richard Krysztoforski

Richard Krysztoforski
Richard is an internationally trained improviser, comedian, and professional development expert. His creative projects are focused around building community and rejuvenating outdated modes of creation. Most recently he founded the Let’s Hear It Network, an independent artist-owned podcast network (the network Pursuit of Perfectness is part of!). You can find out more about him at rjk.nyc.