The Pursuit of Perfectness
The Pursuit of Perfectness

Do you consider yourself a failure whenever you order food delivery vs. cooking a meal? Oh, sorry, a projection right out of the gate!

What we mean to ask is, what is your relationship like with cooking? Do you enjoy it? Do you feel like an artist making a beautiful piece of work? Do you view it as a chore that you must do? What emotions come up for you? How does it connect to your identity and how you view yourself? Does perfectionism get in the way? This episode we go deep!

All that plus readers respond with their own experiences and advice about cooking.

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Episode Guests

Dennis Pacheco

Dennis Pacheco is an improviser, actor, teacher, writer, director, and podcaster.

Ellen Matthews

Ellen is a performer and teacher of improv at Magnet Theater in NYC, and co-host of the Let's Hear It Network Podcast, "The Pursuit of Perfectness".

Richard Krysztoforski

Richard Krysztoforski
Richard is an internationally trained improviser, comedian, and professional development expert. His creative projects are focused around building community and rejuvenating outdated modes of creation. Most recently he founded the Let’s Hear It Network, an independent artist-owned podcast network (the network Pursuit of Perfectness is part of!). You can find out more about him at

Chris Deluca

Chris DeLuca smiling at camera
Chris is a writer, improvisor, and computer programmer. A graduate of the NYC UCB, he studied under such improv luminaries as Anthony Atamanuik, Amy Goerlich, and Joseph Stalin. He co-wrote and created the scripted comedy podcast, "The Pulp Tales Of Gwendolyn Gween", as well as contributing writing to the long running sketch shows "Terrorbird" and "Cliffnotes on the Human Condition", both performed at The PIT. He is a member of the Cat's Cradle Ensemble. You can find him at