Artist On-boarding Check List

As a Let’s Hear It Network artist you agree to:

Abide by the Network Artist Conduct Agreement
Agreement can be viewed here.
Abide by the Podcast Audio Quality Guidelines
You are great, your podcast is great, and it deserves great, listenable, audio quality! These guidelines are here to help.

Establishing proper Hz, and LUFs, for you and any guests on your show while recording remotely

Maintain active social media presence for your show
Twitter/Instagram/Facebook, doesn’t matter which, but it must be active and advertise your show. Buffer/Hootsuite are easy ways to schedule ahead and automate this.
Provide personal bio(s) & description of show
Bios for each host of your podcast + your ad description for your show.
Provide podcast art
Minimum of 1400 x 1400 pixels/maximum size of 3000 x 3000 pixels. 72 dpi, in JPEG or PNG format, and in the RGB colorspace. Cannot contain any copyrighted material that is not your own.
Enable two factor authentication for Let’s Hear It site access
For security! We won’t launch your podcast without this.
Provide LHI network admins with your release schedule
This can change if needed, but a starter release schedule is required. You will update LHI admins of any changes to established schedule or delays in production.
Include pre-show, post-show bumpers
Post-show network advertisement bumper will be supplied to you and should be added to every episode you release. From time to time we will ask that you include a pre-show bumper. These bumpers will be used for cross-promotion of other network podcasts.
Participate in the LHI artist community
Join the discord and attend LHI network update meetings. This is also where you can connect with all LHI artists, and get in touch with LHI admins.
Contribute the monthly commitment payment
$5.00 per month per podcast – this sustains the network!

Use the above as a checklist to make sure you’ve got it all down!

(Or just remember the simple acronym A.A.M.P.P.E.P.I.P.C.)