Ian Chillag

Ian Chillag is a writer and producer working in print, audio, video, and other media. He created the podcast Everything is Alive. His work can be found in McSweeney’s Quarterly, the New York Times, NPR, A Public Space, and other places.

Geri Cole

Geri is a multiple Emmy award winner, podcast host, and writer on the beloved children’s series Sesame Street.

Tim Thibodeau

Tim Thibodeau has over two decades of improv experience. Tim has performed in festivals across the United States, Toronto, and Scotland and has been a member of Improv Jones since 2004, one of the longest running troupes in the country. Tim was a founding member of the Providence Improv Guild and is the Producer and Creative Director of the long running Providence Improv Fest. Tim is currently serves as an instructor and marquee performer at Kismet Improv. Tim has used his training from The Upright Citizens Brigade, as well as workshops by some of the best known improv performers and instructors in the country, to teach improv in the Rhode Island Community since 2004.

Nick Bertozzi

Nick Bertozzi author photo

Nick Bertozzi is a New-York Times Bestselling cartoonist who has written and drawn many graphic novels and has taught Cartooning at the School of Visual Arts since 2003.

Tori Smith

Tori Smith is an NYC-based game designer, writer, actor, and cosplayer. She performs at the Magnet with Musical Megawatt house team Gem and indie-team Freeze Frame and is a founding castmember of the Bad Guys & B-Sides DnD Podcast.


Mark Canlas

Mark is an NYC-based software engineer and sometimes performer.

Victor Varnado

A headshot of Victor Varnado

Victor Varnado wrote all the good parts of the Bible.

Ed Miller

Ed lives, breathes, and works (virtually) in Pennsylvania’s stunning capital city of Harrisburg. He was a founding member of Seoul City Improv and is a standing member of Tongue and Groove Spontaneous Theatre. He is also the co-host of the Prince focused podcast, “When Doves Podcast”.

Katie Hartman

Katie Hartman is a New York-based theatre maker. She is co-artistic director of the touring theatre company, the Coldharts, and the Producer of the 2022 Cincinnati Fringe Festival.

Jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan Mitchell is the producer of The Truth Podcast, an anthology fiction show that’s celebrating its tenth year. He has been an audio producer for 25 years.